10 Fintech Trends for 2022 2023: Top Predictions According to Experts

Fintech companies can leverage both technologies to automate processes like loan origination or fraud protection while providing more accurate insights into customer behavior. 2022 marked a turbulent year for Fintechs, especially in its last quarter. While the surge in innovations continued across many major sectors, uncertainty crept into the market following an economic downturn and a looming recession in the US and Europe. Lack of funding and decreased valuations led to project freezes and mass layoffs at companies large and small. Since our founding in 1996, we develop custom software, offer CRM consulting services, and support thousands of users.

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Here comes the challenge of the IT market overcrowd which means there are thousands of technology solution providers offering similar services. Some experts claim there is a probability that financial advisors will be completely replaced by powerful ML-based robotic alternative solutions. However, robo-advisors are currently actively used to help investors drive better financial generating market results and predicting potential risks.

Trend #10 Advanced cybersecurity

More and more users prefer to make transactions remotely without visiting local bank branches, signing tons of documents by hand, queueing for hours, receiving paper pay receipts, and interacting with bankers. Pilot project development that allows you to validate your business idea and gather users’ feedback without much cost and time spending. Solid expertise in custom software development and new product launch since 1996.

Without it, it’s impossible to carry out other operations in the company. Fintech allows organizations to make the most efficient utilization of their capital so that they can not just survive but also thrive. Without going to the deep technological, legal, and philosophical underpinnings of contracts, smart contracts simply digitalize trust in a way that makes transactions robust, safe, and enforceable anywhere. If fintech is to move forward, fintech is the engine that makes it possible.

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As banks adjust to evolving regulations, customers will benefit from the creation of APIs to their data. With PaaS, institutions can adapt to changing needs with customized infrastructure that allows them to embrace cloud platforms fully. These services provide the infrastructure to perform a variety of tasks, including team collaboration, resource management, payment processing, and credit risk management. Onix is a software development company that knows the latest trends and uses them in its work. We specialize in developing fintech software, trading platforms, e-commerce solutions, and payment systems.

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And third, BNPL companies are able to offer competitive interest rates and payment terms. However, visibility alone is also insufficient, as time lags in reporting can be make or break when judging a company’s liquidity or financial health at any moment in time. Every year, new technology emerges that changes the norms for banking and finance.

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With limited funding, things have to be done correctly from the get-go, which is only possible when working with experienced professionals. Outsourcing to top talent or partnering with an established technology provider makes more sense than building a team from scratch. A CB Insights report on the state of the venture market in 2022 reveals that fintech investment is at its lowest level in years, dropping 58% YoY from Q4 2021. FortuneCity helps build good financial habits by turning every expense or earn into a virtual city feature and rewarding frugal actions with in-app coins. This motivates users to record every transaction, track patterns, develop healthy habits, and minimize wasteful spending.

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  • Many market players have successfully deployed AI in applications as diverse as chatbots, risk mitigation tools, big data analytical systems, stock exchange forecasting algorithms, and investment robo-advisors.
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  • Of all the fintech trends for 2023 on our list, this looks set to be among the most disruptive.

These are loan services given through online platforms that bring together borrowers underserved by traditional lenders and investors looking to tap into alternative markets. The main benefit of virtual cards is that customers can pay with them in-store via NFC or on any online platform without the risk of losing money to traditional credit/debit card fraud schemes. Every purchase from a virtual credit card is usually authorized through the customer’s banking app, so a compromised virtual card can be voided and replaced with a new one in just a couple of clicks. Cryptocurrency services What’s more, we have prepared a thorough E-Book demonstrating our FinTech solutions and offerings for financial services companies including banks, insurance institutions, capital markets, mortgage banking, and others. This technology allows to process information much faster and provide instant solutions that help greatly reduce the risks and fraud probability of the financial company. To summarize, digital-only and neobanks are the top financial services industry trends of 2021 and will continue to seize the market around the world in years to come.

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Following lofty promises and ambitious visions of the future of the Internet, Web 3.0 technologies and blockchain exploded worldwide. Сonsumers are increasingly favoring the ownership of digital goods, made possible by non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is exactly the technology that can support the economy of this virtual space by maintaining exceptional security and providing the necessary financial infrastructure. While cryptocurrencies are a means of payment there, NFTs are reliable proof of ownership of a particular digital asset. Fintech leverages automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to streamline processes, reduce manual work, and increase operational efficiency.

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Enabled by data and technology, our services and solutions provide trust through assurance and help clients transform, grow and operate. The application of technology in commercial companies to improve customer experience is known as fintech gamification. Businesses have enhanced revenue, brand loyalty, customer loyalty, and many other beneficial results via gamification. Customers have become more cautious of how companies employ technology as they have become more accustomed to engaging with it.

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What’s more, most FinTech industry products offer high transaction automation which allows avoiding recurring activities, schedule payments on a monthly/annual basis, and not keeping in mind all financial liabilities. Ever since the rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the blockchain platform has gained some serious https://xcritical.com/ attention for all the benefits it has. The blockchain with its decentralized mechanism is panning out to be a great use case for financial services. The future of Fintech will definitely include more and more contactless payments. This payment method goes beyond the ease of use and the convenience it provides.

Top 3 Global Fintech Market Trends in 2023

DLT has a myriad of applications in areas such as insurtech software, decentralized payment platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges, and open banking APIs for innovative banking services. In 2022, Stripe and other payment processing platforms were hit hard by FRS interest rate increases and other factors, and Stripe lost 28% of its market value. Nevertheless, alternative payment flows remain among the fintech industry trends worth following in 2023.

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