Amateur Blogging: Ultimate Guide for Amateur Bloggers

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You can use domain name generators such as Business Name Generator to generate domain name ideas. Select the ‘Domain Name Generator’ option under the Name Generators Menu. Then type in one or two words and then click the ‘Generate’ button.

  • What successful bloggers are doing is not rocket science.
  • People consumed content differently, so there is an expectation to change the model of consumption.
  • The blogging platform can also make changes to their service at any time, which can cause your blog to stop working and you may lose your content.
  • The tactics that people use to get traffic from Google and search engines are collectively called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • This task often will leave you feeling like there are no .com names left.

Use action words and power words to create a sense of urgency and excitement, and don’t forget the keyword you want to rank for. Ensure the name you choose name is relevant to your blog topic.Once you decide on a name, visit a Domain Registrar and register that domain for at least one year. I’ve put together a list of my top recommendations specific to bloggers who are looking to increase both their traffic and income. The secrets to using affiliate marketing to dramatically increase your blogging income. Click on Blogging Tips and Tricks to be taken to the blogging hub of my website. There you’ll find more tips and articles to help you grow your hobby, business, blog, and brand.

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You might be asking, when will I start making money as an amateur blogger? Well, the answer may be disappointing, but we will talk about it later. By offering something of value, you’ll be able to quickly and easily grow your email list.

  • Let’s demystify making money and work together to increase your blogging income.
  • Blog about a topic you can comfortably and confidently write content on.
  • This is not just helpful information; it is invaluable information.
  • It is recommended that all blogs have a privacy policy, an accessibility page, a contact page, and possibly a legal page.
  • It could be that they decided blogging was not for them.

For more information on choosing a niche, she my post on Niche Website Ideas. Usually, free themes aren’t easy to customize, but With premium themes, You got many features that you can use to make your professional blogger. Whatever it is, mistakes are always mistakes, and You have to fix them to be a successful blogger.

Intermediate Blogger’s Guide

You can use a plugin like WPVivid to do your backups (they have a free version and a paid version). If you have several domains you want to back-up, check out their paid version. Do not risk losing years of work by failing to have backups of your blog. A good hosting company will do backups for free but it is also good to have your own backups (FastComet has free daily and weekly offsite backups). According to some estimates, over 30,000 blogs are hacked every day [6] (Blogging Statistics). Change to a more reliable web hosting company (like Fastcomet) or increase the resources available for your blog.

www amateur blog com

Also, create some no-follow backlinks by commenting on others’ blogs because doing aggressive blog promotion in the starting will maybe affect your blog/website. Believe me, and If you read this post till the end, then you’ll get to know about the many mistakes that you should avoid as a newbie blogger. It takes time to grow traffic, so focus on building your audience first and not on making money immediately. Then, your traffic will automatically increase by providing valuable and original content. Setting up your hosting with Bluehost, you’ve taken the first step in the right direction towards a successful blog. You can blog about practically anything in the blogging game.

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It is easy to follow along even if you have never created a blog before. Speaking of visuals, adding images and videos to your posts is a great way to make them more engaging and shareable. So based on that, can this blog be 200 words and we call it even? Use high-quality images that relate to your topic, and create videos that are informative and entertaining. The niche you choose can make or break your blog’s success. It’s important to select a niche that has a large enough audience and that you’re passionate about.

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This is another big mistake that most Amateur blogger makes because they’re trying to save money or Low budget. Whatever reasons you buy such hosting, then my friend you’re in big trouble. As I used to try blogging with a free domain, ( but after doing a lot of hard work on that I didn’t get any affiliate sales. Unlike other professions, blogging also needs skills, patience, and decision-making capability.

Final Thoughts On Amateur Blogging

I’ve found many amateur bloggers make this mistake, and as a result, they don’t get ranked on search. Giving up is one of the most common amateur blogging mistakes. If you lose your motivation to continue writing, you’ll soon lose your readership, too.

The great thing about blogging is that you can always come back and correct your errors even after you have published your posts. Don’t get bogged down with little details that will not move the needle in your blogging. The affiliate marketing guide you need to increase your leads and link clicks. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends via your social media channels? You can sell private ads on your website, join advertising networks, or do both. It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t make a lot of money until you have traffic coming in to your blog.

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