Choosing the Right Strategic Planning Software

A great strategic planning software provider will allow teams to track and align projects with company goals. The right software will allow teams to concentrate on their own priorities, while still being accountable for their contribution to the overall goal.

A flexible platform allows for greater collaboration and a plan that is more cohesive, which can be adapted to the changing needs of business. The best strategic software offers easy access to information, reporting and a mobile application that allows users to manage their project plans from anywhere and at any time.

Make sure the strategic planning software you select can produce beautiful, dynamic reports for meetings and other stakeholders. Look for features such as the ability to present an overview of departmental objectives and measures, as well as drill down to specifics to provide detailed details. Consider the possibility to utilize templates or custom terminologies for the different aspects of strategic planning and execution. Look into whether the tool supports your preferred framework for managing strategy such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), OKRs or Six Sigma.

Be cautious about using software for strategic planning that focuses exclusively on one-off activities that are completed only at the start of the process, such as SWOT analysis and cascading of action plans. Those types of tools may be appropriate for the workflow of your business however they won’t be the most effective way to harness the power of the cloud to aid in strategic planning.

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