Data Room Features That Go Beyond Security

Data room features are a valuable tool for helping companies to improve their business processes, conserve resources and help to make collaboration and communication data room benefits more timely. They offer peace of mind regarding security, as they guarantee that sensitive data is secure. But, there are other advantages that go beyond these.

It doesn’t matter if it’s due diligence, M&As or tenders, or capital raising preparation and completion of the transaction may require sifting through thousands of documents. It can be difficult and time-consuming thousands of documents, especially when the information is private. A data room is a fantastic tool for this because it offers a secure place to review and upload documents. It also allows organizations to control access rights and provide a searchable database of all uploaded documents.

A well-designed data room includes an intuitive and user-friendly drag-and drop upload feature. This means users can upload and read documents without hassle while administrators can quickly look over the usage of the data room through a comprehensive group overview report. It will show a snapshot of the activity in each workspace, displaying the number of people invited as well as who is logged into and who has accessed or submitted documents, posted questions and more.

A redaction tool is an additional important feature that lets users block out text in the document. This is especially useful when you need to go through several documents, as it removes having to manually search through each document. A reliable data room will also have a fence-view feature that lets users only see the part of the document they are hovering over. This will prevent sensitive information from being viewed by unauthorised parties.

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