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Netflix download location pc – netflix download location pc

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You will find below the steps to change Netflix Download Location in Windows By default, Netflix saves all the downloaded movies and videos to the same drive where the Netflix App is installed on your computer. However, it is possible to change Netflix download location to an external drive, in case your computer lacks storage space or you do not want to crowd the main drive with Netflix downloads.

The storage space required to download a Netflix Video depends on the duration and the quality of the video. In general, 1 GB of storage space is required to download 60 minutes of Standard-definition video and the same duration video in HD format requites 3 GB storage space. This method moves the Netflix App and all your existing downloaded movies and TV shows on your computer to the selected new storage location.

In the right-pane, scroll down and click on Netflix. Click on the Move button and select the Drive where you would like to save the Netflix app and Netflix downloads. Windows 10 will automatically create a New Folder WindowsApps at the root of the selected drive and move both Netflix App and all the downloaded videos to this Folder.

If the Move button is greyed out, you can follow the steps below to change download location for Netflix Movies and TV shows to External drive. On the next screen, click on Storage in the left pane. From the drop-down, select the Drive where you want to download Netflix Movies and click on the Apply button.

Change Netflix Download Location In Windows 10 By default, Netflix saves all the downloaded movies and videos to the same drive where the Netflix App is installed on your computer. You May Also Like.



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Netflix is a popular streaming service that is used all over the globe. The platform provides multiple popular movies, TV shows, and Netflix original web series.

A key feature of Netflix is the ability to download movies and shows using the Netflix app and watch them online. If you are using the Netflix app to download movies and shows on your Windows 10, you may have wondered where are Netflix downloads stored on your PC? In this article, I have discussed about the Netflix download location Windows Netflix users can download movies and TV shows using the Netflix app. This allows users to enjoy movies and shows offline for a short period of time.

However, you will likely not find the downloaded movies and shows outside the Netflix app in your PC. This is because the Netflix download location on Windows 10 is hidden. Below I have mentioned how to find the Netflix download folder, but if you are trying to find the downloaded media to copy the movies and move it to another drive of your PC for free access, unless you have a reliable.

The downloaded file in the Netflix folder can only be played using the Netflix app. If you want to rip movies and shows from Netflix, then you should check out this article. To reach the Netflix download location, you need to first change the Folder Options to make Windows 10 show the hidden files and folders.

To do it, follow the steps given below:. Now to find the Netflix download location, navigate to the following location using Windows File Explorer:. Also, C: is the system drive. If you find the Downloads folder empty, then it means you have no downloaded videos on the Netflix app. But, if the downloaded files are visible, then you will find that they cannot be played. The only way to play these files using Netflix media player in the Netflix app.

Also, if you change the name of the files, then they will disappear from the Netflix app. So, there you have it. There is no reason for you to open the Netflix download folder as you cannot do anything with them. If you have any questions regarding this article, ask them in the comment section below. Sanmay is a Windows Insider and editor at Digicruncher. He is a Tech enthusiast and has been writing tech blogs for over 2 years now.

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