How to Increase Board Meeting Productivity

Board meetings are the ideal venue for productive discussions that help the company to achieve its goals. The best boards foster robust discussions and a variety of viewpoints to provide innovative insights. Meeting efficiency isn’t guaranteed. Board members are often distracted by personal issues, technology or a lack of organization when making plans for their meetings. It is crucial to identify the causes of unproductive board meetings in order to ensure that meetings go smoothly.

Repetition of the same issues is a typical cause of ineffective board meetings. This is because board members aren’t sure what they are responsible for or when they didn’t take action following previous meetings. To avoid this happening, it is essential to record concise and clear minutes of board meetings.

Another common problem is that members get drowned in lengthy reports and other routine agenda items. This can cause participants to lose interest and eventually check out. To reduce the length of meetings, it is recommended that you limit the time for reports to 25 percent and leave the rest for discussions on strategic issues.

It is also crucial to ensure that all participants are ready for the meeting prior to the time. This can be achieved by sending the agenda and all required attachments with the attendees prior to the meeting. By having all the relevant information in a single location board members are better ready for discussion and focus on the important topics in the present.

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