How to Prepare for a Meeting Successfully

There are some essential steps to make sure you’re prepared for an effective meeting. The preparation is the key to the success of your meeting, regardless of whether it’s a planning meeting or a review of employees.

Make your agenda, and send any reading materials that you would like participants to read in advance. Communicating these ahead of the meeting helps ensure that everyone will have an understanding of the agenda and will be able to contribute effectively to the meeting. You can include them in your invitation or share them via internal communications. Be sure to be specific about what you must read and what’s nice to have.

Prepare for any obstacles that may be encountered during the meeting, and create a plan of how to overcome them. If you do not wait until the meeting to bring up these issues, you’ll be wasting time trying to bring everyone up to speed.

Don’t forget to put in place the system of recording and sharing minutes of meetings and other records. Having this in place will help keep the momentum going after the meeting, and will ensure everyone is clear about what was discussed and decided upon in the meeting.

Make sure you have a list with the most important lessons that will allow everyone to leave the meeting confident about what the next steps are to move the discussion or project forward. This is the perfect way to end the meeting and make participants feel confident that they are part of a unified team that is able to meet its goals.

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