The Board Room App

The boardroom app is a central platform for meetings, digital communications and document storage that makes the decision-making process for boards and improves the efficiency of meetings. It lets board members access all the materials in a centralized online environment and keep everyone informed of changes and addendums simply by clicking on a button.

The software for board portals was created with security in mind. It can limit the amount of time employees can spend on the system and also their editing capabilities and whether they are permitted to download or share files. It also provides a complete audit log of every single action that takes place in the system. These tools help companies keep their employees’ activities in check and ensure the compliance of management requirements.

When it comes to board governance, technology is the way to go. A board management system designed specifically allows members to connect to communications meetings, decision-making, and other information as well as reduce the visit site amount of administrative work. It can also deliver an efficient, secure and reliable experience that gives the highest ROI.

Boardroom The Boardroom, an South African startup, is taking on the challenge. It’s been described as “the Tinder for working lovebirds,” it’s already got the attention of tech media and the business world at large. I spoke with Serisha Barat, a frequent startup entrepreneur and co-founder of the app.

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