Tips for Effective Board Members Communications

No matter if your board members meet in person or via video, clear and transparent communication can result in more engaged boards and more effective decision-making. To ensure that your board is provided with the right tools to assist in the process it is crucial to find the best communication solution that aligns with the goals of your company and its culture. We’ve put together some helpful suggestions to help you communicate effectively between board members.

Avoid “boardspeak.” If you get involved in the jargons of your nonprofit can quickly transform the conversation into a data dump. Instead, try to keep it short and to the point and always proofread.

Be aware of the communication style of each member. Some prefer to be visual, whereas others prefer to get information in writing. Understanding these differences will help you to communicate more effectively, and create a strong board culture.

Set up a routine for communication. It is crucial to keep your board members informed and updated, even if they don’t meet regularly. Plan check-ins or emails at the same time every quarter or month, so that your board is aware of what is happening and when.

Use visual aids to clarify complicated data or information. Visual representations like diagrams, graphs and charts can aid your board members in understanding patterns or trends that would otherwise be difficult to comprehend. By connecting these findings to familiar concepts and analogies, you can make the information easier to comprehend.

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