Using a Board Meeting Structure That is Tailored to Your Company’s Needs

A board meeting structure tailored to the requirements of your business will ensure you to have productive discussions and ensure all key points are documented. While there are certain conventions that you can adhere to but it is important to have a flexible approach and be open to adjustments.

Begin the meeting by a an order to begin and a review of the agenda. The chair of the meeting asks whether there are any modifications or additions that should be made. After all items have been agreed on, the chair decides to approve the agenda of the board for discussion and action.

The board is able to discuss reports from various departments and committees that need to be presented. This section of the meeting usually covers progress reports budgets and financial statements review of proposals, and more. Limit the number of topics that are related to reports to avoid the meeting becoming bogged down by administrative issues.

The chair helps the board members find common ground to discuss and agree on solutions. If there are no further issues to be discussed or the scheduled date for the meeting is approaching, the chair decides to end the board meeting.

Certain directors may be distracted by new discussion topics that come up during board meetings and could disrupt important discussions. It is possible to reduce this by adding the “parking area” item to the agenda, where directors can bring up issues that are important but not top priorities. This allows the board to discuss the topics and decide whether they need to be further investigated or added to the next agenda.

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