What is a Board Portal?

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What is a Board Portal?

Modern board governance requires that board members have access to the latest reports and data analyses to make informed decisions that align with the organization’s goals. In order to achieve this boards require more frequent meetings, enhanced transparency and risk mitigation, and effective communication tools. Board meeting management software helps to simplify the process of executing these tasks, and can be a powerful tool to enhance corporate governance.

The most effective board management software offers all-in-one capabilities that combine the features of a variety of tools into a single platform. This lets board members concentrate more on governance and less on administrative tasks. When evaluating board portals pay particular attention to how they perform on reliable independent review sites for software. Ask vendors for information on their products and pricing so you can make an informed choice.

Be sure the portal you select is secure to your standards and complies with the regulatory requirements of your industry. Look for features such as remote wipe, role-based permissions, and permanent purge. This will ensure that deleted discussions and notes cannot be recovered from backup files or servers. If your board is geographically dispersed be sure to verify the board portal’s accessibility on multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones.

A good board portal should let you plan meetings with your preferred calendar system. You can then send invitations for meetings directly to the digital calendars of your board members. You can also view their availability in real-time. Board members are then able to attend meetings they have planned. This reduces administrative costs and increases productivity.

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