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Windows 10 wifi password sharing free.Find your Wi-Fi network password in Windows

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Find your Wi-Fi network password in Windows


With the launch of Windows 10, anyone who walks into your house and gets your Wi-Fi password for their PC could potentially let all their friends onto your network, thanks to a new feature that has ignited controversy online.

Called Wi-Fi Sense, the feature is designed to make it easier for people to get Internet access for their devices while they’re on the go by automatically logging them into wireless hotspots. It does so with a two-pronged approach: by logging users into select open networks and also by allowing them to share secured connections with their friends and vice versa.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that has drawn the ire of people who care about wireless security. If someone with a Windows 10 device logs on to a new network, they can check a box to share that access with their contacts, who could include their Facebook friends, Outlook. This isn’t exactly a new feature — Microsoft introduced it with Windows Phone 8.

Craig Mathias, a principal at the Farpoint Group who specializes in wireless technology, said in an email that the feature was “a cheap hack. To hear Microsoft pitch Wi-Fi Sense, it’s a security feature, not a flaw.

Using the new technology, people can let their friends access their home network without having to provide them with the password, which cuts down on those annoying conversations that take place when someone is trying to get Internet access. What’s more, contacts who are able to log into a network only using Wi-Fi Sense don’t actually see the password. According to an FAQ about the feature , a user who shares network access sends the password through an encrypted connection to a Microsoft server, where it’s stored in an encrypted form before being handed off securely to any of their friends who needs it based on location data from their device.

Microsoft says that someone who gets access through Wi-Fi Sense will only have access to the Internet and won’t be able to get to any other computers or other devices on the network. Of course, all that relies on the feature working as intended. While it’s not clear exactly how Microsoft is storing passwords on a client device, it’s possible that someone sufficiently motivated would be able to find and extract the wireless password for a network they get access to thanks to their friends.

An attacker could also friend people on Facebook in order to get access to networks using Wi-Fi Sense. All of this relies on the Microsoft database storing wireless network information remaining secure, to boot. Wi-Fi Sense doesn’t work with networks secured using If you don’t want to change your network’s name, Microsoft suggests that you manually enter the network’s password for your guests and make sure the checkbox to share the network is turned off.

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How to Find WiFi Password in Windows 10 and 11.Free WiFi Password – Instabridge App

May 31,  · The problem with it is, most people have started using long and complicated WiFi passwords. And it’s not easy to remember and share a password like “gY1J4t&U.” That’s why some operating systems have created workarounds to make sharing WiFi passwords as simple as using QR codes. Let’s build free WiFi sharing with no password around your position Features: Find the free wifi password around your location. Supports visual map. . Jan 10,  · If you want to share your Wi-Fi password from a Windows computer, the easiest way to manage this is to turn your network into a mobile hotspot. If you don’t want to turn your system into a mobile hotspot, then you can use Wi-Fi Sense to share your Wi-Fi password with other computers trying to connect to your network. Or, if you prefer, you can look up your Wi Occupation: Writer, Editor, Fact Checker.


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